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The Isabel System Overview

Isabel is a web based diagnosis checklist system. Signs and symptoms are entered, either by free text or taken directly from an electronic medical record and Isabel instantly returns a list of possible diagnoses. In addition, access to knowledge from textbooks, journals, external web resources and internal guidelines and protocols is provided for each diagnosis. The system provides essential support for enhancing diagnostic decisions within the normal workflow.

How does Isabel work?

The best way to see Isabel is to try it and you can sign up for a 10 day free trial. For some useful tips, view the User Guide. Isabel can operate as a stand alone tool or as an integrated component of your EMR. As a stand alone tool, three simple steps provide immediate results. The patient’s age, gender, and positive clinical features are entered. The clinical features can include rich text such as ‘pain radiating to the back’ or ‘persistent cough’. It can also include test results such as ‘elevated ESR’. As an integrated component of your EMR, the data is extracted from the EMR and entered automatically.

"Thanks again for Isabel.I made the diagnosis of X-Linked hypophosphatemic rickets as soon as I logged on! Isabel has saved me and a few patients a lot of woe...helped me diagnose Ciguatera poisoningoutbreak!"

- Bob Eanett MD, Watson Clinic,
   Lakeland, FL.

The results, initially 10 diagnoses (more can be viewed with a single click), are displayed within seconds including flagged “Don’t Miss Diagnoses”. The results can be sorted by the most relevant (default list) and ‘Don’t Miss Diagnoses’, as well as by specialty. In addition, you can view a list of likely medications that could be the cause of your patient’s symptoms by doing a causative drug search and also view a list of potential bioterrorist agents.

Additional information about each diagnosis is available with a single click. The knowledge and information includes textbooks, journal abstracts, links to institution defined web-resources, guidelines and protocols.

Isabel can be customized to include institutional knowledge resources, protocols and guidelines. For example, if the institution has developed a protocol for toxic shock syndrome the electronic format of the protocol can be made available to the clinician any time via the diagnosis checklist. This enables rapid access to critical data at the point of care when clinicians need it most without having to go to any other resource or reference material.

In addition to the clinical and safety benefits provided by Isabel, the system can be used to capture CME. Session information is captured and stored and can be used for recording category 1 CME credits within the normal workflow.

The Isabel engine?

The Isabel tool is the culmination of over 10 years and over 100,000 man-hours of continual development. The Isabel engine is powered by statistical natural language processing software. This engine is applied to a specially designed medical database built from continually updated medical textbooks and journals structured around 3 separate and proprietary taxonomies. The database currently contains over 100,000 documents and associated knowledge kernels. The software’s strength lies in advanced pattern-matching techniques (non-linear adaptive digital signal processing), that enable identification of the patterns that naturally occur in text, based on the usage and frequency of words or terms that correspond to specific concepts. The data entry and system outputs are further processed by a complex interplay of approximately 40 proprietary algorithms in order to ensure that the end results are highly accurate and relevant. The results are SNOMED coded enabling full integration with an EMR.