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  Bond WF, Schwartz LM, Weaver KR, Levick D, Giuliano M and Graber ML. A Qualitative Review of Differential Diagnosis Generators. DEM, Oct 2010.
  A recent comparative study of diagnosis generator tools reviewed Isabel Healthcare, and the findings show the strength and usability of the tool compared to others in its class. Dr. William Bond and team from Lehigh Valley Health Network evaluated Isabel and other Differential Diagnosis Generators in a poster recently presented at the recent Diagnosis Errors in Medicine conference.
  Maude J, Ramnarayan P and Tomlinson A. The Impact of a Web Based Diagnosis Checklist System on Specialist Referrals from Primary Care: Results of a Survey of General Practitioners. DEM, Oct 2010.


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Peer reviewed articles cited in Pubmed
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Key medical/nursing articles by the Isabel team
  Diagnostic Errors and ISABEL: A Web-Based Diagnostic Reminder System.
University of New Hampshire
March 2009
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  An International Assessment of a Web-based Diagnostic Tool in Critically Ill Children
Technology and Health Care
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  Decision Support Systems: A How-To Guide to Their Evaluation
J Int Care Med
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Computerized Support for Diagnostic Decisions in the Intensive Care Unit J Int Care Med
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ISABEL: a novel Internet-delivered clinical decision support system
Healthcare Computing

March 2004
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  Clinical Risk: Isabel: a novel approach to the reduction of medical error. Clinical Risk

Jan 2004
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