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Broaden your differential diagnosis

Isabel is a diagnosis checklist tool to help clinicians broaden their differential diagnosis and recognize a disease at the point of care. Accessed directly or fully integrated with an EMR system, the web-based Isabel tool uses the patient's demographics and clinical features to produce a list of possible diagnoses, including time-sensitive "Don't Miss Diagnoses."

Point of care knowledge organizer

Isabel provides an avenue to refresh clinicians’ memory and knowledge base at the point of care. The tool integrates knowledge resources from leading publishers, together with local resources, to form a unique and practical knowledge organizer.

Powerful teaching tool and skill enhancer

Isabel also serves as a potent educational platform, enabling all levels of clinicians to develop and hone their clinical and diagnostic skills. Isabel is the most powerful differential diagnosis tool on the market and is the industry standard that thousands of clinicians rely on daily.

symptom checker for patients

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