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Every Patient Tells a Story - Medical Mysteries and the Art of Diagnosis By Dr Lisa Sanders

Dr Lisa Sanders is a doctor of internal medicine on the faculty of Yale University School of Medicine. Her widely read Diagnosis column appears monthly in the New York Times magazine. The acclaimed TV series House, M.D. is based on her column and she serves as a technical advisor for the show. The patient stories from the Diagnosis column have now been released in the book Every Patient Tells a Story - Medical Mysteries and the Art of Diagnosis. Using the clinical features of the case histories from within the book it is possible to see how Isabel works with these unusual presentations.Within her book, Lisa had changed names of doctors and patients involved in the cases in order to respect patient confidentiality.

Art of diagnoses

Chapter Pages Patient Details Isabel Final Diagnosis
Introduction - Every Patient's Nightmare XI-XXV Crystal Lessing Yes
1 - The Facts and What Lies Beyond 3-15 Maria Rodgers Yes
1 - Stories That Heal 15-21 Randy Whittier Yes
2 - The Stories They Tell 29-32 Tamara Reardon Yes
4 - The Language the Body Speaks 58-64 Gayle Delacroix Yes
4 - What Only the Exam Can Show 66-69 Charlie Jackson Yes
5 - The Look of Illness 83-90 Jennifer Hudson Yes
5 - Great Expectations 99-106 Michael Kowalski Yes
6 - The Dog That Didn't Bark 113-118 Carlotta Davis Yes
6 - The Healing Touch 119-123 Michael Crosby Yes
7 - The Heart of the Matter 140-145 Susan Sukhoo Yes
8 - Testing Troubles 164-171 Carol Ann DeVries Yes
9 - Sick Thinking 193-197 David Powell Yes
9 - Physician Bias, Fair and Otherwise 203-209 Vera Freeman Yes
9 - The Doctor of Last Resort 209-213 Graciela Moity Yes
10 - Digital Diagnosis 226-230 Isabel Maude Yes
10 - Googling a Diagnosis 231-233 Graciela Moity Yes
11 - The Final Diagnosis 248-251 Julie Yes